If you are someone who dislikes having hair on their body, you probably know several hair removal methods. If you are looking for a way to remove your hair long-term, you should consider looking at some of the best epilators to buy online.
An epilator is an electrical device that can remove the hair directly from its roots. This probably sounds painful, which is the main reason why many people won’t even look at an epilator. Depending on your pain tolerance levels, using an epilator can cause some discomfort, especially the first time you use it. Also, some areas of the body are more sensitive compared to other ones. The longer you use an epilator, the less painful the experience will be.

How to Use an Epilator?
Some people compare epilators with waxing, as both methods will help you remove hair from the roots. However, instead of using wax, an epilator plucks your hair. You move it across your body and let the device do the rest.
Before using an epilator, you should exfoliate. This will ensure better results while also removing dead skin cells and preventing ingrown hairs.
Position the device towards your skin at a 90-degree angle. Make sure the device isn’t pressed against your skin, as this can irritate. An epilator should be held loosely against the skin. Slowly move the device in the direction of hair growth, not the opposite of it. If the device is moved opposite the hair growth direction, you’ll likely cut the hair instead of removing it. This will make the entire hair removal process less successful.

Tips and Tricks
Now that you know how to use an epilator, you should follow some tips and tricks to ensure better results.
Hair removal can lead to redness and skin irritation. Don’t use an epilator if you plan on going outside in revealing clothes right after the process. Use it in the evening instead. Also, try to avoid going in the sun at least a day after hair removal to prevent additional skin damage.
If your epilator has different speed settings, start low the first time you’re using it to build tolerance. Higher speed settings can cause more discomfort.
Using an epilator isn’t a fast process. If you want every hair removed, you need to go slowly. Going too fast can mean you’ll miss more than a few hairs.
Clean your epilator regularly to prevent infection.

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