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Watch Your Pet from Your Smartphone

Why Do You Need A Pet Camera?

If you have pets or pet at home and you are always out a lot then you definitely need to get a pet camera. The Pet Camera helps a lot of pet owners in many ways which I will mention below.

  1. Pet Camera helps you monitor your pet when you are not at home, out of the country. You can still watch over them.
  2. Some of the Best Pet cameras do allow you to interact with your pets as they come will scents pads and also allow you talk to your pet and you watch them response
  3. Also some of the Cameras come with feeders, so if you want feed your pets, you are allowed to as there is a storage space for your pet meals.
  4. Not to forget that the pet camera also help you in security aspect, as some camera can detect dangerous gas in the air and you will get an alert or fire.
  5. In case there is a robbery, your pet camera also serves as a form of security camera. Because after getting a 24/7 live streaming, the footage are automatically saved in clouds (depending on your configuration)

And that not all, there will surely be some personal help this Pet camera will do for you and the safety of your home and Pets.

Looking Out For Features In A Pet Camera

Voice Capability

Not all Pet Cameras do have the voice capability but it is a very good and unique feature that should be possesses as it helps in controlling your pets, calling them to the camera through the application. The voice Capability pulls the attention of your pets to the camera which makes them feel you are there with them. The Voice Capability as you can see is a very awesome feature when it comes to pet monitoring, this feature in a camera actually makes your pet not miss your absence as they feel you are around once they hear your voice from the camera; calling them and saying their pet names.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming in a very important feature that all pet camera should have because that is the main reason why you need a pet camera in the first place which is to be able to check on your pet at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world so far there is internet access to connect to. The Live streaming will enable you to watch what your pet is doing and what your pet is not doing, the live streaming feature which can be accessed from all the Smartphone or tablet and computer so far the application is installed on the device. All the pet cameras recommended in this site do have a Live Streaming capability so you should just pick one from the site and purchase and am very sure you will enjoy it.

Sound and Motion Sensor

The Motion and Sound Sensor is another interesting feature too of some pet cameras. If you are the type which do restrict the movements of your pets such as dogs and cats from certain areas and rooms then the Motion sensor is a good feature you should look out for as this alerts you on your smartphone when your pets goes into restricted areas, so when you are out them camera does the report even when you are not streaming live. Also if your pets such as dogs bark when there is a strange activity, so when your Dogs barks the camera sends a notification to you so you can know that your Dog just saw something. So cool? Yea

Treat Dispenser

This is another good feature that some pet cameras do have. This is when a pet camera has the ability to dispense treats to your pets as your command from your mobile phone. Which means right on the application on your mobile food they pet camera do give your pets treats as this keeps your dog or cat happy knowing that you always care for them even when you are not around to feed them. Like I said before not all Pet cam do have treat dispenser only about 3 main pet cam manufacturers that create pet cameras with treats dispensers.

Night Vision Feature

The Night Vision feature enables you to see what your Cats or Dogs see in the night, as you know Cats and Dogs do have night vision which makes them see in the dark. This pet camera makes you feel among too by having the Night Vision at your side also, the Pet Camera makes you see your pets actions in the dark all from your mobile applications easily.

Pet Camera Apps You can Download from the Market

You can check some apps which work on both iOS and Android in the market listed below:


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