Camping tents are a necessity for most outdoor trips. Today, tents come in various shapes and sizes, and they are no longer limited to staying on the ground. This is good news for everyone who owns an SUV jeep, as there are now tents made especially for you.

What Is an SUV Tent?

An SUV tent is a hatchback tent that can be attached to the rear of your SUV jeep. Reviews state that top SUV tents provide excellent comfort. If you plan a trip with your jeep, consider getting a tent such as this, as it has many benefits.

First off, most SUV tents can be freestanding as well as attached to your vehicles. It’s great if you need just a little bit more space on your family trip. This makes them great during any vacation in nature, especially if you have planned to go on camping!

In fact, SUV tents are perfect for camping trips. Here’s why.

More Floor Space

When you get an SUV tent, you have more space compared to just staying in a vehicle. Simultaneously, as you will be using it together with a vehicle, this tent doesn’t have to be huge compared to regular camping tents. If you need more sleeping space, then an SUV tent is a great choice.

More Comfort

When you get an SUV tent, you have more options when it comes to comfort. You can choose to sleep in a jeep, or on the ground, depending on your preferences. You’ll have more space in a tent, but staying inside the vehicle will keep you warmer. It’s up to you – and the terrain outside.

Easily Accessible Gear

When you are using an SUV tent, you can use it attached to the vehicle. This means that you likely won’t even have to go outside to pick up your gear. Not only that, but you can have various electronics plugged into your jeep, such as a portable refrigerator or a smartphone charger. This is something that you can’t do in a standard tent as’s article on SUV tents states.


SUV tents are typically more weatherproof compared to regular tents. This means that you will have more space, while also being protected from the wind and rain. And if the weather becomes too bad, you can always get back inside your jeep for additional safety. With standard tents, this is a bit more complicated.

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